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Sat Feb 08, 2014 at 08:51 AM PST

warm the f☼☼k up!

by blueyedace2

Reposted from behind blue eyes by Ojibwa

just some random summer pics for a -12° windchill day

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Reposted from Street Prophets by Ojibwa


I thought that this week I'd share with you a short hike I took in an area of Prague entirely unknown to tourists-- my back yard. I live in one of the pre-fabricated, rebar-laden concrete, "rabbit-hutch", communist era, housing estates on the southern edge of Prague. But never fear, I won't be posting photos of my immediate neighborhood. Some other time perhaps?

As it so happens, I live near one side of a beautiful valley-- more of a ravine really. If you know entirely too much about paleontology you might have heard of the Prokop Valley (note regarding the wikilink-- the Prokop Valley does not encompass the stream called "Dalejský potok" that is in a different valley that joins the Prokop Valley. Surprisingly, you can't trust everything you read on Wikipedia). I keep my eyes open for fossils when I hike around there but I never seem to find anything. It's a pretty vast area dominated by limestone cliffs and basalt outcrops. Below the ginger hairball I'll take you up to the top of the cliffs seen in the background of the following photo...

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Fri Feb 07, 2014 at 08:40 AM PST

Airplane Art (Photo Diary)

by Ojibwa

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The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River, Oregon has a collection of 82 airplanes. Shown below are some photographs of some of the art on these airplanes.

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Thu Feb 06, 2014 at 08:36 AM PST

Indians 101: An Indian Artist

by Ojibwa

Reposted from Native American Netroots by Ojibwa

American Indian art is a broad, complex, and difficult topic. Art has always been an integral part of American Indian cultures, even though none of the more than 500 indigenous languages has a word that can be directly translated as “art.”

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Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine
Gambling Intervention of Jaime Dimon in Chase Bank Lobby
The Gambling Intervention of Jaime Dimon played in the lobby of Chase bank. Cops showed up to arrest us for trespassing but the manager declined saying he supported free speech.
Collaboration and improvisation is the soul of street theater. This is a draft, so go ahead, if so moved, and add characters or props at will. Throw in some dialogue or delete some. Suggest a new title. A script should have lots of room for the players.  I will send the result to my Occupy Sandy contact.

Street theater scripts are suggestions at best, providing a framework for participants to put on a show to get their points across.  Ideally, it should be played without people reading from scripts as the above photo of this early effort shows.

Enjoy because this is--an open thread! So write whatever you want. What are you planning for dinner? How’s the weather?

Have fun!



King Christie

Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly

David Weinstein

Christie aides

Hoboken Mayor

Poor Sandy Victim

Occupy Sandy (holding a pile of shoes which they drop after each question)

Greedy contractors


Bruce Springsteen  

Mainstream media reporters

Christie supporters (carrying “Christie in 2016” signs which they lower one by one as he answers questions from the press.)

Shoe holder (Holds a basket of shoes which they drop one by one as questions are
asked. Finale, could just dump the rest of the shoes)


(Should be portable and simple, like two people holding a board for a dais.)

Buckets of cash—labeled Sandy Storm Funds and Christie in 2016

Basket of shoes

Springsteen props (guitar, music)


Surrounded by aides who pet and fawn upon him, King Christie enters a news conference wearing a Burger King crown and a long kingly robe.  Under the robe, he wears a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt.

As he comes to the dais, he directs his aides (by saying “You know what to do”) to distribute Monopoly money to Greedy Contractors while taking money away from Rutgers and Hoboken Mayor. During the actual transaction, King Christie covers his eyes or looks up whistling. They get the money out of a bucket labeled “Federal Funds for Sandy Relief”. The money they take goes into a bucket labeled “Christie in 2016”.

When Christie comes to the podium, he addresses the press:

King Christie: I want the citizens of New Jersey to know that I am IN CHARGE.

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, does that mean that you were in charge of Lt Governor when she ordered the GWB lanes closed for four days?

King Christie: NO! I’m in charge of New Jersey, not my staff. (turning to Lt Gov he says, “You’re fired!"

Lt Gov runs off crying: “I’m pleading the fifth! I’m pleading the fifth!”

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, did you appoint Weinstein to the Port Authority to be your personal watchdog there?

Weinstein is seen edging his way out of the crowd, then breaking into a dead run.

King Christie: “Weinstein! You can’t run away from me!”

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, is it true that your reelection campaign headquarters records have been subpoenaed?

Bruce Springsteen comes through the crowd singing his parody song. Christie’s face first shows awe and love then horror.

Chris Christie cries out: NONONONONO claps his hands over his ears and runs away.


Sun Feb 02, 2014 at 04:35 PM PST

❄ snowy snowshoe saturday ❄

by blueyedace2

Reposted from behind blue eyes by Ojibwa

Bubolz Nature Preserve

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Sun Feb 02, 2014 at 03:42 PM PST

Sunday Shutterbugs: Working Waterfront

by bastrop

Reposted from Shutterbugs by BlueJessamine

It's no secret around these parts that I love winter, but today I am feeling nostalgic for summer in Maine. Follow me under the mating hermit crabs for a ride through our little corner of Muscongus Bay.

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Thu Jan 30, 2014 at 12:46 PM PST

High Impact Posts: January 29, 2014

by jotter

Reposted from High Impact Posts by BlueJessamine


Yesterday 178 Kogs posted 217 posts of which 209 were recommended at least once by a cadre of 2164 recommending readers; 132 posts were recommended by 10 or more readers, 63 by 30 or more, and 23 by 100 or more. Commenters (1988) visited 217 posts; 110 had 10 or more commenters, 45 had 30 or more, and 7 had 100 or more.

Impact statistics from all 217 posts.
min = 0.01, median = 0.163, average = 0.45, max = 7.01, total =   96.8 bharns
r50 = 19 (at 1.27 bharns)

Recommendations and comments were collected Thu Jan 30 05:00:03 2014 EST.

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Reposted from occupystephanie by BlueJessamine

The recent spate of Nazi imagery applied to the Great Unwashed by the super wealthy seems over the top to those of us who consider ourselves sane; however, it may unwittingly reveal the inner workings of their own darkness and evil.

When Tom Perkins equates the current hatred of the super wealthy with the violent persecution of the Jews, he is revealing his Shadow. No one has broken any windows in any of his palatial mansions, yet he feels real fear and strikes out. The Wall Street Journal editorial board embraces his Shadow, revealing their ignorance of their own Shadow.

The shadow, said celebrated Swiss psychiatrist C.G. the unknown ‘‘dark side’’ of our personality–-dark both because it tends to consist predominantly of the primitive, negative, socially or religiously depreciated human emotions and impulses like sexual lust, power strivings, selfishness, greed, envy, anger or rage, and due to its unenlightened nature, completely obscured from consciousness.

Essential Secrets of Psychotherapy: What is the "Shadow"? Understanding the "dark side" of our psyche.
Published on April 19, 2012 by Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. in Evil Deeds

A simple teaching tool can help begin the process of acknowledging our own Shadow:
The Shadow Exercise

"Think of someone you know whom you don't like very much. Maybe you even hate this person. On a piece of paper, write down a description of that person. Write down what it is about this individual's personality that you don't like. Be as specific as you can."

When everyone in the class is finished writing, I tell them to draw a box around what they have written - and at the top of the box write "MY SHADOW."

"Consider this," I tell them. "What you have written down is some hidden part of yourself - some part that you have suppressed or hidden. It is what Jung would call your SHADOW. Maybe it's a part of you that you fear, can't accept, or hate for some reason. Maybe it's a part of you that needs to be expressed or developed in some way. Maybe you even secretly wish you could be something like that person whom you hate."

Everyone carries within their unconscious a darkness that we may readily recognize in others but be blinded to in ourselves. The process of evolving as a complete human being involves embracing our own Shadow, understanding our dark places, and integrating it into our conscious selves.

Jung himself supplied a succinct quote of what it means when that process of enlightenment is absent.

Taking it in its deepest sense, the shadow is the invisible saurian tail that man still drags behind him. Carefully amputated, it becomes the healing serpent of the mysteries. Only monkeys parade with it.

Carl Jung, The Integration of the Personality. (1939)


Wed Jan 29, 2014 at 01:05 PM PST

High Impact Posts: January 28, 2014

by jotter

Reposted from High Impact Posts by BlueJessamine


Yesterday 144 Kogs posted 189 posts of which 183 were recommended at least once by a cadre of 2105 recommending readers; 129 posts were recommended by 10 or more readers, 71 by 30 or more, and 18 by 100 or more. Commenters (1926) visited 189 posts; 98 had 10 or more commenters, 47 had 30 or more, and 7 had 100 or more.

Impact statistics from all 189 posts.
min = 0.01, median = 0.220, average = 0.47, max = 3.76, total =   88.1 bharns
r50 = 21 (at 0.94 bharns)

Recommendations and comments were collected Wed Jan 29 05:00:02 2014 EST.

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Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

Irish brown gravy with molasses. ©BlueJessamine.

Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Hour here at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can talk about what’s going on in our worlds.

Everyone is welcome to discuss all topics of conversation and to post photos.


I love

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 at 08:26 AM PST

Samurai Horses (Photo Diary)

by Ojibwa

Reposted from History for Kossacks by Ojibwa

 photo DSCN0477_zpscad60561.jpg

While there is evidence of horses in Japan in the prehistoric periods, it is not until the Kofun era (250 to 538 CE), that archaeologists have evidence of horses being used for riding. This evidence comes in the form of terra cotta models uncovered in the mounded tombs of this period. These models show harnesses and saddles that are nearly identical to those used in Korea. This suggests that the horses, and the way in which they were used, came to Japan from Korea.

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