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Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine
Gambling Intervention of Jaime Dimon in Chase Bank Lobby
The Gambling Intervention of Jaime Dimon played in the lobby of Chase bank. Cops showed up to arrest us for trespassing but the manager declined saying he supported free speech.
Collaboration and improvisation is the soul of street theater. This is a draft, so go ahead, if so moved, and add characters or props at will. Throw in some dialogue or delete some. Suggest a new title. A script should have lots of room for the players.  I will send the result to my Occupy Sandy contact.

Street theater scripts are suggestions at best, providing a framework for participants to put on a show to get their points across.  Ideally, it should be played without people reading from scripts as the above photo of this early effort shows.

Enjoy because this is--an open thread! So write whatever you want. What are you planning for dinner? How’s the weather?

Have fun!



King Christie

Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly

David Weinstein

Christie aides

Hoboken Mayor

Poor Sandy Victim

Occupy Sandy (holding a pile of shoes which they drop after each question)

Greedy contractors


Bruce Springsteen  

Mainstream media reporters

Christie supporters (carrying “Christie in 2016” signs which they lower one by one as he answers questions from the press.)

Shoe holder (Holds a basket of shoes which they drop one by one as questions are
asked. Finale, could just dump the rest of the shoes)


(Should be portable and simple, like two people holding a board for a dais.)

Buckets of cash—labeled Sandy Storm Funds and Christie in 2016

Basket of shoes

Springsteen props (guitar, music)


Surrounded by aides who pet and fawn upon him, King Christie enters a news conference wearing a Burger King crown and a long kingly robe.  Under the robe, he wears a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt.

As he comes to the dais, he directs his aides (by saying “You know what to do”) to distribute Monopoly money to Greedy Contractors while taking money away from Rutgers and Hoboken Mayor. During the actual transaction, King Christie covers his eyes or looks up whistling. They get the money out of a bucket labeled “Federal Funds for Sandy Relief”. The money they take goes into a bucket labeled “Christie in 2016”.

When Christie comes to the podium, he addresses the press:

King Christie: I want the citizens of New Jersey to know that I am IN CHARGE.

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, does that mean that you were in charge of Lt Governor when she ordered the GWB lanes closed for four days?

King Christie: NO! I’m in charge of New Jersey, not my staff. (turning to Lt Gov he says, “You’re fired!"

Lt Gov runs off crying: “I’m pleading the fifth! I’m pleading the fifth!”

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, did you appoint Weinstein to the Port Authority to be your personal watchdog there?

Weinstein is seen edging his way out of the crowd, then breaking into a dead run.

King Christie: “Weinstein! You can’t run away from me!”

Reporter (bowing): King Christie, is it true that your reelection campaign headquarters records have been subpoenaed?

Bruce Springsteen comes through the crowd singing his parody song. Christie’s face first shows awe and love then horror.

Chris Christie cries out: NONONONONO claps his hands over his ears and runs away.

Reposted from RoyaHegdahl by N in Seattle Editor's Note: No PacNW content, but Roya is from Western Washington and a very put-together kid. I've met her several times, and know her father (rickeagle) well. This diary exemplifies Roya's thoughtfulness. -- N in Seattle

Dear Xenophobes,

    This letter is for you; you who have a bumper sticker that reads, “Welcome to America, now either speak English or leave.”, or you who makes prejudice remarks to your coworkers after talking to a foreigner on the phone. Or maybe you just want to keep all immigrants out in order to keep American culture “pure”. Well, let me tell you a couple things about being American and living as an immigrant in another country.

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Reposted from Street Prophets by BlueJessamine

Irish brown gravy with molasses. ©BlueJessamine.

Welcome to the Wednesday Coffee Hour here at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can talk about what’s going on in our worlds.

Everyone is welcome to discuss all topics of conversation and to post photos.


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